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Email Alias and Forwarding Control Panel - Part 1

General Information

Use this control panel to add, change or delete email aliases and email forwarding directives. You can have a maximum of 25 specific aliases/forwarding directives which you can use to assign alias names to your website's email accounts or to forward mail to any email account in the world. Some possibilities include:
  • assign the aliases; sales, info, webmaster, support so that mail to goes to, goes to, goes to and goes to one of your email accounts,
  • forward mail addressed to you at and to the email account at your local ISP so you don't have to access multiple email accounts to read all your mail.
  • have mail to some aliases go to your local email account and mail to other aliases go to your partner's local email.
  • setup a 'catch-all' alias so that email addressed to your domain that does not match an alias or email account name can be caught and sent to the email account you select. Beware though - you may get tons of spam email.


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