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Dynamic Web Site Management Program:
Your very own on-line marketing department.

This is a personalized, professional internet marketing service. Your specific needs, goals and objectives are discussed and understood.

This is not an automatic submission service that you may have tried and discovered did not work to your expectations. If you have any questions, please call us.

Service may be retained for an extended period of time (6 or 12 months). We provide:

  • Dynamically represent a web site, monitor traffic, continually market and place in specific search engine directories and provide reports on position. Research specific newgroups, user groups and post announcments.
  • Review and update material, code.
  • Suggest design and/or creation of new elements of a site where appropriate.
  • Research and inform clients of new internet technologies.
  • Mirroring your site for maximum exposure. (optional)

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Checkup, Doctor-up

$30.00. We will provide you with a report indicating your position in major search engines and suggest ways to "doctor-up" your page to improve your listing.

Search Engine Submit Service

$150.00 one-time submit service with report per URL. 400+ engines.
Your page (pages) will be checked, tested and a new page will be provided containing the necessary elements and sorted keywords, description and titling. We suggest updating every 3 months and using our Dynamic Web Site Management program. Subsequent updates are $75.00.

Dynamic Web Site Management

6 months 12 months
$300.00 - 6 months + $75 set up fee
$500.00 - 12 months + $75 set up fee


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