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How to Use Our Digital Certificates

Rather than spend as much as $349 for your own digital certificate you can use Intersessions' server certificates in conjunction with our secure servers to encrypt your web pages.

All of Intersessions' web servers have secure SSL servers and their own digital certificates which you can use for free. This will allow you to encrypt your web pages and receive form data securely. The user's browser will show that encryption is active and the communication is secure.

To Use Our Secure Server

To use our secure server and digital certificate you'll just need to know the server your web site is on. If you don't already know you can send an email to to find out.


The following examples are sample URL's that show how to send a form through the secure server using one of our digital certificates:

Unix Server Example:

NT Server Example:

In the above examples we assume your domain name is '', your login name is 'yourloginname', your site is on either our 'hansel' unix server or 'sleepy' NT server and your form web page is 'userform.html'. You should, of course, replace these with your own information.

Our next examples show the URL to use in your form's Action command to retreive the form data using our script on our Unix servers or a similar script on our NT servers:

Unix Server Example:

NT Server Example:

For More Information

If you need more information or have questions not answered above please email us at ''

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