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Check Bandwidth and Disk Space Usage for Your Accounts

General Information

Use this control panel to check the bandwidth and disk space usage for the domains in your reseller account. Bandwidth information is shown in the form of megabytes (MB) of data transferred from the web site to users on the Internet and is provided for the previous week and each of the last twelve months.

Disk space usage on our servers is in megabytes (MB) of data. It is provided for the web site and for the home and mail directories for each username assigned to the domain. This information is shown for the previous day and the average for each of the last twelve months. Depending on which server the domain has been assigned the home directory of the master username may also be the web site directory.

The report is provided in two forms: a summary report of bandwidth and diskspaceusage for all domains in your reseller account; and, a detail report that analyzes the diskspace used for individual domains. The detail report shows the diskspace used for the web site, and for the home and mail directories of each user assigned to the domain.

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