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Reseller - Add or Delete Web Sites

General Information

Use this control panel to add or delete web sites from your reseller account. You can add websites for new domains as well as subdomains of websites that have already been setup. This control panel will check for availability within the IP blocks you have purchased before proceeding.

As an additional security measure we will send an email confirming your setup and deletion requests to the address entered below. This email must be acknowledged by following the instructions in the email before your request will be carried out. We may divert certain requests for manual confirmation.

Please enter your name, customer account number, reseller password and email address. If you have not received your password contact Intersessions at ''.

Your Name:
Account Number: Password:
Email Address: (Important - See note below)  

Note: Please make sure this is an email address that we can reach you at from Intersessions. If you are setting up a website or have setup a website for the domain in this email address but you have not transferred it then our emails will not reach you. If that is the case use another email address.

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