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Use this control panel to submit your website to 15 top search engines. Just enter your URL and other information below, check the search engines you want and press 'Submit.' After a short wait you'll get a report on the status of your submissions.

To reduce the wait, please only submit to no more than three search engines at a time.

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For more information check the notes and search engine tips below.

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Search Engine Tips:



Ranking Method


get more hits by submitting to excite

pages indexed

A very successful engine, Excite has acquired two other engines: Magellan and Webcrawler.

Title, Page Text


find more visitors with lycos

pages indexed

Lycos offers search functions, as well as a directory called "Web Guides".

META tags, 
Page Text,
Site Popularity, Alt tags


hotbot is an important web design resource

pages indexed

The largest Search engine in the world, HOTBOT was ranked #1 by CNET's Search Engine Shootout.

Meta Tags,
Page Text,
Site Popularity


submit your site to yahoo

pages indexed

Yahoo! is actually a directory, not a Search Engine.  Due to it's huge popularity, it is one of the most important places to register.

Individual site review


webcrawler accepts web sites submissions here

pages indexed

Started as a research project at The University of Washington, Webcrawler was bought by America Online, then Excite.

Page Text,
Alt tags


submit your site to the most popular search engine for advanced users

pages indexed

The favorite of experienced surfers, Alta Vista has recently partnered with Yahoo!

Meta Tags,
Page Text,
Alt tags


the best web design search engine, infoseek adds your web site instantly
pages indexed 

A combination directory and Search Engine, Infoseek also reviews and recommends sites.

Meta Tags,
Page Text,
Alt tags


Meta Tags: Controlling how your Web page is indexed

In the absence of any other information, most search engines will index all words in your document (except for comments), and will use the first few words of the document as a short abstract. It is however possible for you to control how your page is indexed by using META tags to specify both additional keywords to index, and a short description. Let's suppose your page contains:

<META name="description" content="We specialize in grooming pink poodles.">

<META name="keywords" content="pet grooming, Palo Alto, dog">

The search engines will then do two things:
  • They will index both fields as words, so a search on either poodles or dog will match.
  • They will return the description with the URL. In other words, instead of showing the first couple of lines of the page, a match will look like the following:

Pink Poodles Inc
We specialize in grooming pink poodles. - size 3k - 29 Feb 96

AltaVista will index the description and keywords up to a limit of 1,024 characters.

META tags are placed between the <HEAD> and </HEAD> tags at the top of your web page. Depending on your HTML editor you may need to use the 'edit source code' feature to put them in.

Other Tips

<IMG SRC="example.gif">

Image with alt tag:

<IMG SRC="example.gif" ALT="check out these great examples!">

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