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Check Your Domain Registration Information

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Use this control panel to check the ownership name and address and the email addresses the InterNIC has on file for your Administrative, Technical and Billing contacts. You must make sure that this information is kept up-to-date so that you can maintain control over your domain name.

Remember your original domain registration is good for only two years. After that period is over the InterNIC will bill you $35/year to maintain your registration. If your email and ownership addresses are incorrect you will not receive your annual billings. If not paid the InterNIC will delete your domain registration and allow it to be registered by someone else! This does happen !

If you find your domain registration needs updating the InterNIC has a series of forms you can use to make changes at:

If you have questions or need advice you can always contact us at

To check if you have any unpaid invoices with the Internic go to this URL:

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