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Email Account Control Panel - Part 1

General Information

Use this control panel to add and delete email accounts and change email account passwords. (Email accounts are also known as, POP3 email boxes.) Each web hosting account comes with twenty email accounts which you can setup at any time using this control panel. If you need additional email boxes please contact

After you have setup your email accounts you may wish to create email aliases so that, for example, mail addressed to '' will go to a specific email account. If so, please go to the Email Alias and Forwarding Control Panel.

Important: If you want to setup an email address such as, '' or '', do not use this control panel. Use the Email Alias and Forwarding Control Panel instead.



** Be sure you know what you are doing if you plan to delete an email account. All read or unread mail for that account will be erased. There is a $50 charge to restore a deleted email account from our backups. **

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