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Intersessions Announces Partnership with MIVA, Heartland Bank and Signio to Provide E-Commerce Hosting Solutions

November 22, 1999 - Intersessions Inc., one of the leading providers of web hosting services, today announced its partnership with MIVA, Heartland Banks and Signio to provide complete e-commerce hosting solutions to small and medium sized businesses.

The company also announced that from now through 12/31/99, with the purchase of any MIVA shopping system product, its partners have agreed to waive all up front charges for merchant credit card accounts and internet payment software.

Says Berni L. Koch, Intersessions' President, "We're excited to be able to join with our partners, MIVA, Heartland Bank and Signio in providing complete e-commerce packages, including merchant credit card accounts, shopping cart systems and secure server technology to our hosting customers and the small and medium sized business owner."

"These packages allow a business owner to get his store up and taking orders on the web extremely quickly and at a very reasonable cost. In addition, with the limited time waiver of up front charges on merchant accounts and internet payment software, there's absolutely no reason for any merchant not to accept credit cards on his web store immediately."

"We've studied the MIVA shopping cart systems and find them extremely easy to setup and use. Almost every aspect of a store's development, maintenance and administration can be handled from anywhere - just using a web browser. A merchant can get his store up and running almost immediately and fine tune its looks as he goes - adding and changing products and adjusting the look and feel of the store."

"Along with MIVA, we're pleased to have Heartland Bank of St. Louis as our merchant account partner. Heartland is well known for its 48 hour online approval process and strong customer service. And, lastly to provide credit card approvals and payment processing is Signio. Their PayFlowPro payment software is the fastest in the industry and can authorize credit card transactions over the internet in 2.2 seconds or less - while the customer is still in the ordering phase of the transaction. This means our internet merchants get more clean, approved orders ready to ship."

"Taken all together our e-commerce packages can get a web-store up and taking orders in a little as 48 hours - in time to be taking orders for Xmas."

Intersessions' e-commerce packages combine shopping cart systems from MIVA with Merchant Accounts from Heartland Bank and internet payment processing through Signio. This packages allow credit card processing to be fully integrated with the shopping cart system. Alternatively, the merchant can use the shopping system to capture orders and process credit cards through his existing merchant account system.

MIVA shopping system products are designed to allow the merchant to securely maintain, modify and administer the shopping site, including its look and feel, from anywhere using a web browser. The web browser interface allows products and pricing to be changed either individually or en masse by uploading spreadsheet data, allows graphics to be uploaded, orders to be downloaded, credit card transactions to be settled, etc. The Signio PayFlowPro internet payment gateway software can be used both as a stand-alone credit card processing terminal or integrated with the MIVA shopping system.

The MIVA Order shopping system is provided free with all new hosting accounts and is available for a one-time charge of $40 for existing hosting accounts. The more sophisticated MIVA Merchant system has a one-time charge of $110 plus $10 per month additional hosting fee.

More information about Intersessions' e-commerce solutions and the limited time offer can be found in the e-commerce section of the Intersessions' web site or accessed via the URL:

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