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E-Commerce Primer:

1. Order Taking

Use an HTML form and our
formtomail cgi program to collect orders.

MIVA®'s easy-to-use Order system that can be built using a web browser. It's included free with new hosting accounts.

Step-up to
MIVA®'s Merchant shopping cart that can handle the most complex of e-catalog and e-store needs and yet can be built and maintained using a web browser.

2. Site Promotion

Get listed with 15 top search engines with our free
search engine submission control panel.

Hire our web site marketing experts to
professionally market your site.

Review your weekly web site statistics reports and/or your raw server logs.

3. Security

Use our
secure servers and digital certificates with your HTML form or MIVA® product to encrypt customer information and protect it in transit.

For better branding and additional flexibility
purchase your own digital certificate.

4. Credit Cards

Get a
Merchant Account so you can accept credit cards. It's easy, almost anyone can apply and be approved.

Use an
internet virtual terminal so you can process credit cards transactions online.

Combine MIVA® Order or Merchant with your virtual terminal and your website can be processing and approving orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

E-Commerce with Intersessions
Part One

Intersessions has a complete range of e-commerce products and services to help you conduct business on the internet. Your business can join the internet revolution where the world is your marketplace and there are no borders.

Shopping Systems
Intersessions offers two shopping systems; MIVA® Order and MIVA® Merchant. Both can be modified and maintained using just a web browser and can be integrated with Intersessions' secure servers and with the virtual credit card terminal. This means customers will have their credit cards approved or declined as they complete their order. If their credit card is declined they will have the opportunity to use another card. As a merchant you will get only clean, credit approved orders ready for shipping. To view MIVA's gallery of web stores built with their products click here.

MIVA® Order - is a fully Web-based order form and backend order processing system that can be personalized with specific color, graphics, product descriptions and other layout options. Businesses simply incorporate a link from the Web page(s) where their products are sold, permitting customers to seamlessly access the order form and make purchases. Miva Order uses a web browser as its administrative interface, making it easy to create a customized solution. Context sensitive online help is available for each key field in the administrative interface.
List Price $99. Now only $59. Included free with all new hosting accounts.
Try Demo! Live Store! Read Manual! Email us at to add it to your account or click here to order a web hosting account with MIVA Order!

Quick Feature Summary:

  • Fully web-based, flexible order form
  • Secure SSL ordering/administration
  • Fully configurable look & feel
  • Automatic merchant order notification
  • Unlimited number of products
  • Multiple currency formatting
  • Sales tax calculations
  • Base plus weight shipping calculations
  • Five different payment modules:
    • Simple Credit Card Validation
    • CyberCash
    • CyberSource
    • Cardservice
    • VeriSign Payment Services
  • Online Credit card authorization

MIVA® Merchant 5.5 - is a browser based Storefront and Catalog development system which integrates cataloging, product maintenance, category management, shopping basket, order and credit card processing. Specific store functions can be delegated to sub-administrators. E-Merchants can build and manage their stores with a user friendly browser based interface.

E-Catalogs can be organized into pricing and availability groups to limit customer access to selected products and pricing. E-Merchants can use the grouping system to create retail, wholesale or specialized selling environments.

Context sensitive help is available for each key field in the administrative interface. Miva Corporation maintains an online users group with staff members who answer questions.

List Price $995. Now only $40 per month - setup waived.
Try Demo!, Galleria of Stores, Read Manual! Email us at to add it to your account or click here to order a web hosting account with MIVA Merchant!

Quick Feature Summary:

  • Business and consumer e-catalogs
  • Nestable hierarchal categories
  • Link into catalog from any web page
  • Extensive boolean product searching
  • Upsell based on basket contents scoring
  • SSL integration for ordering and reporting
  • Five different payment modules:
    • Simple Credit Card Validation
    • AuthorizeNet
    • CyberCash
    • CyberSource
    • Cardservice
    • VeriSign Payment Services
  • Online Credit card authorization
  • Automatic shopping basket maintenance
  • Unlimited look and feel control
  • Detailed product attribute configuration
  • Unlimited mandatory or optional product attributes, such as size, color, features, and personalization
  • Multiple and unlimited fulfillment options
  • Multiple and unlimited sales tax setup
  • Multiple and unlimited shipping methods
  • Power editing of product attributes
  • Automatic online UPS shipping calculations
  • Configurable currency layout
  • Euro and VAT support
  • Batch and archival management of orders
  • Email notification of orders
  • Quick installation and auto data file setup
  • Link to "Buy One Now" from any web page
  • Database driven, modular architecture supports thousands of categories and products with fast search and no loss in performance
  • Context sensitive online help
  • Import / Export Data

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