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High Volume Hosting Plans

Stop paying high prices for your high volume site. Here you'll find the perfect program for that high volume site you're running. We'll place your site on dedicated high speed (300 Mhz and more) Pentium II Unix servers with 10,000 rpm SCSI drives. All files are backed up daily, servers are protected by continually monitored UPS's and the network and internet links are monitored by our 24x7 network operations center (NOC).

You'll be connected to the Internet over redundant Clear Channel® optical fiber T1 and T3 lines connected directly to a major internet backbone provider. Your traffic will speed at OC-12 (622Mbps) directly to all six network access points (NAP's) around the country without the delays of being transmitted through multiple providers - resulting in increased customer satisfaction.

Pricing Table








up to 15GB


$ 100

$ 100


15 - 50GB


$ 225

$ 200


50 - 100GB


$ 400

$ 300


100 - 200GB


$ 750

$ 400

Note: Data Transfers are per month.

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All High Volume Plans include the following:

  • Custom domain registration (www.yourcompany.com) or domain transfer from your current provider. See note below on InterNIC fees.
  • Unlimited FTP access to your site.
  • Unlimited Telnet access to your site.
  • Your own cgi-bin directory.
  • Server side includes (except EXEC).
  • Free use of SSL secure server using our certificate (or you can purchase your own certificate.)
  • One email box/address with three aliases and free e-mail forwarding.
  • Weekly statistical reports for site analysis and marketing. Data includes; hits, distinct users, bytes transferred, hits by country, hits by page and image file, source of hits, referrer, browser used and more.
  • Free use of Java applet and CGI program libraries.
  • Password protected directories
  • Daily backups.
  • European and Asian accounts welcomed.
  • Free technical support in setting up and operating your site.

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  1. InterNIC or local registry charges are not included. The InterNIC will bill you $70 directly for two years maintenance of your domain name in their DNS database. This only applies in the case of new domain name registrations - not transfers.
  2. Setup charges and one month's (three month's for plan I) hosting charges must be paid in advance by check or approved credit card.
  3. You will not be charged for any additional data transfers without your approval. We will discuss the situation with you and possible alterntives if it appears you will be exceeding your allowance.
  4. Intersessions reserves the right to deny service to sites that in its sole judgement violate current laws.

Optional Services:

  • RealAudio speech and/or music - one time set up charge of $39.00 plus $15.00/month (includes additional 250 MB/month of data transfers). RealAudio transfer will be included in your data transfer allowance.
  • Data storage in excess of 25MB - $0.50 per MB per month.
  • Additional email mailboxes - $1.50 each per month. Includes three aliases and e-mail forwarding.

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